TORNADOR BLACK Z 020 CAR INTERIOR CLEANING KIT 3 ITEMS - HOL221, With Tornador Black, Fabric Clean Shampoo and Nifty Cleaning Brush you can remove car interior stains and oxidation easily.

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TORNADOR BLACK Z 020 CAR INTERIOR CLEANING KIT 3 ITEMS is available to buy in increments of 1

1 x Tornador Black Z020S
1 x Chemical Guys Fabric Clean 473ml
1 x Chemical Guys Nifty Brush

Why buy this product?
Easy to use.
Everything you need for a perfect, fast and powerful cleaning.
With the Tornador Black in combination with the Fabric Clean shampoo and the Nifty cleaning brush you can handle stains and oxidation. Whether you want to clean up your upholstery, the fabric, the carpet or something else, with this kit you can restore the new look on all interior  fabrics.

About this kit
This kit contents the Tornador Black Z020S, Fabric clean 473ml and the Nifty cleaning brush.
Use the Tornador Black for all your upholstery, fabrics, carpets and more. The Tornador Black cleans all stubborn  stains and applies a fine mist from your cleaner to the surface. This is also useful for mobile detailers by using a small portable compressor.

Use the Tornador Black together with the Fabric Clean shampoo and the Nifty cleaning brush for results. This concentrated interior  shampoo breaks down contamination and removes stains from almost all fabric surfaces. The Nifty brush is hard for stains but soft for upholstery and carpet so it doesn’t damage the looks and quality of the upholstery and carpets.

How does it work?
Dilute the Fabric Clean shampoo as needed and apply it to the desired surface with the Tornador Black. Let it cure for a few seconds and gently massage lightly over the surface with the Nifty brush.

The foam removes contaminants and stains from the surface and lifts them up to remove the dirt. Dry the area dry with a clean  microfiber towel and spray over the surface with only water. Then you can switch the valve on the Tornador Black and only blow air to dry the surface as good as possible to have your interior is as good as new again.

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