TORNADOR BLACK Z 020 PROFESSIONAL CAR INTERIOR CLEANING KIT 7 ITEMS - HOL222, the Tornador Black Z 020 with everything you need for a perfect car interior cleaning, for upholstery, fabrics, carpets and more.

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TORNADOR BLACK Z 020 PROFESSIONAL CAR INTERIOR CLEANING KIT 7 ITEMS is available to buy in increments of 1

1 x Tornador Black Z020S
1 x Lightning Fast Gallon 3784ml
1 x Nifty Brush
1 x Induro 7 Nifty brush
3 x Workhorse Yellow Microfiber Towel

Why buy this product?
Easy to use.
Everything you need to remove contaminants.
Perfect for cleaning all fabric upholstery.
Removes stains quickly and easily.

About this kit
This kit contents of the Tornador Black Z020S with a Lightning Fast Gallon, a Nifty cleaning brush, the Induro Heavy Duty cleaning brush and 3 yellow workhorse microfiber towels. Use this kit for all your upholstery, fabrics, carpets and more. The Tornador Black  cleans almost all stains and applies a fine mist from your cleaner to the surface. Use the Lightning Fast to remove contaminants and stains from all fabric upholstery, this is a water-based cleaner that will not fade the color of the surface. There are two brushes in the kit, the Nifty brush is hard for stains but soft for upholstery and carpet. And the Induro 7 brush for when the spots are a bit deeper. The 3 yellow microfiber towels are there to remove the oxidated foam.

How does it work?
Dilute the Lightning Fast as needed and apply it to the desired surface via the Tornador Black. Leave it for a few seconds and massage lightly with one of the brushes over the surface. The unique emulsion removes contaminants from the surface without having to scrub hard. Always use the right brush to contaminate the surfaces, this saves a lot of time. Spray with water afterwards, then switch the valve on the Tornador Black to only airstream and dry the surface. At the end you take the rests off with your microfiber towel and your interior is as good as new.

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