CarCare24.eu - ACC_X12, The wall mount holder for Rupes, Flex, Krauss and Festool polisher can be mounted to any wall or rack.

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Why buy this product
A smart designed Wall – Mount.
It can fit many polishers.
Stainless Steel which will not oxidize.
Easy to hang with 2 bolts (included)
Equipped with a cord - hook to hang the cord on.
A must – have in every professional workshop.

Why did we develop the Wall – Mount?

Over the years like detailers also we bought a lot of tools, polishers especially. We use DA’s, Bigfoots and rotarypolishers for paint correction and paint preparation. polishers are serious tools with a serious price – tag and we don’t like them to lay on the ground, hanging on a toolcart with the cord not winched properly, in a closet where they get mixed up with other machines etc etc… Last summer we build our new detailing – studio and this is when we started to re – think how to store our polishers. Since we couldn’t find anything in the market that we liked we decided to design our own wall – mount, and here it is… A smart – designed wall – mount made of stainless steel that virtually holds every polisher with a 125mm or 150mm backing – plate, Bigfoots, Flex, Krauss etc etc… it will hold them all solid and safe. The wall – mount can be mounted to any wall or rack with the 2 included bolts. Cords can be winched and hang safely on the cord – hook. Take care of your polishers and store these safely with the smart – designed wall – mount.

How does it work
Unpack your Chemical Guys shipment.
Find a good place on the wall or rack.
Use the 2 bolts to hang the wall – mount safely in its place.
Hang your polisher(s) safely incl the cords.

Name Wall Mount for polisher / polishing machine
Material Stainless Steel
Color Grey / Silver
Size  160 x 212 x 42 mm (l x w x h )
Weight  400 gram
Fits with Rupes Bigfoot 15, Rupes Bigfoot 15 Mk2, Rupes Bigfoot 21, Rupes Bigfoot 21 Mk2, Flex PE14 2 150, Flex PE14 3 125, Krauss DA 880W, Krauss S08, Krauss S15, Krauss S21, Makita, AEG and many more
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Fit in MailboxN/A
Fit in digital stampN/A
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