Would you like to offer car care & detailing products with your own name and brand?

Then CarCare24.eu might be the right partner for you to help you set up your own private labeling program of car care and detailing products.
We have experience in private labeling of car detailing, car care and car cleaning products since 2007.

What we offer
A quality car care and detailing product formulations for cleaning and protection that deliver top performance! All products can be equipped with the appropriate data sheets (material safety data sheets) and can help with the required ECHA registrations. At CarCare24.eu you have exclusive access to our program of product formulas for professional cleaning, car care and detailing. Our product formulas are unique, thoroughly tested and as a result the products perform exactly as we confirm they do.

With deep product knowledge of our car care products and 16 years experience in professional detailing you can rely on support on product and application technology.

Which formulas can we offer?

- Wheel Cleaner
- De Ironizer / Iron Cleaner
- All Purpose Cleaner
- IPA / Isopropanol Alcohol 99%
- Interior Cleaner
- Glass Cleaner
- Rubber and Plastic Trim Cleaner
- Citrus Degreaser & Cleaner
- Waterless Wash 

- Mild Shampoo
- Strong Shampoo
- Snow Foam Shampoo
- Polymer Quick Detail Spray
- Clay Lubricant
- Carnauba Creme Wax
- Polymer Rim Sealant / Wax 

- Ceramic Shampoo
- Ceramic Quick Detail Spray  
- Interior Matt Dressing
- Leather Conditioner
- Matt Black Tire Gel

More formulas upon request.

Additional information about private labeling

- Filling of 500ml cylindrical (round) bottles or 5000ml cans, sprayer / cap / closure + label.
- Min. production volumes in consultation.
- As everything is custom made we work on the basis of a quotation that you have to sign for acceptance and order.
- Private Labeling and trust go hand in hand. Each private label program is handled with 100% integrity.
- Samples available upon request.

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