CARCARE24 CLAY MITT FINE GRADE DETAILING, CLY_303B - Detailing Clay Mitt pulls off overspray, fly rust, rail dust, industrial fallout and contamination embedded into the paint surface.

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Why Buy This Product?
Perfect alternative to the clay bar.
Wash and clay your vehicle in one step.
Gives your paint a smooth as glass feel.
Fine grade clay cleanses paintwork as well as decontaminates the surface.
Easy to grip design.
Works on any paint color.



How it Works
The Surface Cleansing Mitt Fine Grade Clay System gives your paint a smooth as glass feel without the difficulty of using a traditional clay bar. Fine Grade Surface Cleansing Mitt cleanses paintwork and decontaminates the surface in one step. This Surface Cleansing Mitt easily pulls off over-spray, rail dust, industrial fallout and contamination that are embedded into the surface. It works on paintwork, headlights, windows, wheels, exhaust systems and painted plastic. The unique microfiber mitt design allows your hand to cover all curves of your vehicle for a perfectly smooth surface. The high tech rubberized clay design removes and traps contamination, allowing you to achieve the highest level of perfection and smoothness.



Two Sided Mitt
The Surface Cleansing Mitt Fine Grade Clay System features two different sides so you can wash and clay your vehicle easily and quickly. The soft microfiber side easily washes dirt and grime off the surface. The rubberized clay side is used to quickly glide over the surface to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. Make your paintwork feel as smooth as glass while washing your car.

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