CHEMICAL GUYS CLEAR PVC WORK BOTTLE 473ML (16OZ) - ACS_120.16 Chemical Resistant Heavy Duty Clear PVC Bottle 473ml (16oz) resistant to chemicals and solvents.

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Why Buy This Product?
Chemical resistant heavy duty bottle.
Clear PVC bottles.
Holds up against harsh chemicals and solvents.
Fine mist to jet stream.


About This Bottle
This chemical resistant heavy duty clear PVC bottle is designed to hold up against harsh chemicals and solvents. This bottle can be used with all chemicals. This bottle is excellent for both water-based and oil-based chemicals. This heavy duty bottle can be used to apply spray waxes, window cleaners, carpet cleaner, dressings and more. The stem measures at 9 3/4 inch which can be sized for both 32 ounce and 16 ounce bottles. The end sprayer is complete to assure maximum passage of chemicals. 

Other Sizes Available


16 oz Bottle


16 oz Bottle, 3 Pack


32 oz Bottle


32 oz Bottle, 3 Pack

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