CHEMICAL GUYS WHITE PAINT MAINTENANCE KIT - HOL202, the maintenance kit with the latest and most advanced car care and autodetailing products for white and light color paints.

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Why Buy This Product?
Enhances and protects white and light color cars.
Shields against harmful UV rays that cause yellowing and fading.
Perfect for white and light colors.
Maintains and enhances a pure white shine.
Superior drying ability.

What's Included?
(1) White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish (16 oz // 473ml)
(1) White Wax (8oz // 242ml)
(2) Wax and Dressing Applicator
(2) Monster Edgeless Microfiber Towel, White 16" x 16" // 40 x 40cm

About This Kit
White is unlike any color, so it requires special treatment to look its best. The distinct look of white evokes images of purity and elegance with its brilliant shine and lustrous reflection. Freshly-waxed white paintwork looks glossy and wet in its own graceful way. Certain car colors attract loyal followings, and its clear to see that White is the new Black to detailing enthusiasts everywhere. Chemical Guys has assembled a maintenance kit with the latest and most advanced products tailored for white and light color paint finishes: The White Paint Maintenance Kit. This kit is a must-have for enthusiasts who want their white cars to shine with a crisp, deep, and brilliant shine. Use White Light glaze to add extra depth, gloss, and pure white glow, and fill minor swirls and scratches. Top it with White Wax for durable protection and enhanced brilliant white shine for a distinct look. The White Maintenance Kit comes with luxurious white Monster Edgeless microfiber towels and premium foam applicators for an even spread and scratch-free touch on any paint finish. Indulge in the purity and brilliance of the all-new Chemical Guys White Paint Maintenance Kit for your white, or light color automobile.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques For Perfected Protection
White Light
and White Wax represent the pinnacle of modern protection coatings for white and light-colored automobiles. White Light is a premium gloss enhancer and sealant in one. Use White Light to add tons of extra deep wet shine, fill minor swirls and scratches, and clean minor stains and imperfections. Use White Light after a clay bar service, but before applying any sealant or wax coat for extra gloss and deep wet shine. White Light protects paintwork against pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, water spots, and harmful UV solar rays. White Wax is blended with patented Color Enhancing Technology™ to take shine to the highest level of perfection. This proprietary manufacturing method blends White Wax with a special cold-emulsion process that maintains the structural integrity of the protective polymers down at the molecular level. With just one application, White Wax locks in the brilliant white shine on any vehicle with durable protection for up to six months.
Maintain your layers of protection with any premium Chemical Guys shampoo for weekly maintenance washes, and use Hybrid V7 for added protection and shine after every wash.

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