COLE BRUSHES FOR NO SCRATCH! BATTERY POWERED (AC DELCO) MINI POLISHER... (SET 2 PCS) - BUF_100.4_R_P1, Carbon Brushes wear while using any polisher and can be replaced easy with new ones to let the polisher run great.

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Replacement Cole Brushes for the popular No Scratch! Battery Powered Mini Polisher... Set of 2 pieces.
Carbon Brushes will wear after a few years or when the polisher is heavily used. The polisher is not broken when it is making weird noise or will not run normally, only the carbon brushes need to be replaced. Not everybody knows that this issue can be solved by one simple replacement. Many buy a new polisher when the motor is making a lot of noise, but this is easy to fix. You only need to replace the carbon brushes and your machine works like new again.

How to replace the carbon brushes.
Replace always both carbon brushes in the machine.First be sure to shut down the machine and remove the power cord from the wall plug.
Let the machine cool down for a few minutes to be sure you don’t burn your hand.
Remove the screw at the back of the machine, just below the speed control.
Gently remove the plastic housing-part of the machine and be sure everything stays in place so it will fit the housing again when you put it together.
Locate both carbon brushes and remove them gently 1 by 1 (be aware of the spring, it can jump out).
After replacing both carbon brushes gently put back the plastic housing of the DA-Polisher and screw it together.
Put the power plug in the wall connector and turn the machine on at speed 1 to check if everything is working properly.
Let the DA-Polisher run for a minute so the carbon brushes are working perfectly. 

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