CarCare24.eu - FLEX_PE_14_2_150_1, Rotary polisher, motor is quiet, speed range of 600-2100 RPM, high torque, ideal for scratch removal.

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- Infinitely addjustable speed
- 1400 Watt motor
- Soft start (to avoid avoid sling)

About the FLEX PE 14 2 150
This FLEX PE 14-2-150 polisher is equipped with a 1400 Watt motor and a fan for optimal cooling of the machine during polishing.

This polisher has a constant speed control and a soft start. There is also a lock for a constant air supply for optimum cooling of the polisher in use, so no disturbing air flow.

The FLEX PE 14-2 polisher has VR electronics, which means a infinitely speed selection for constant speed control. This polisher also has overload protection, restart protection and temperature control.

This new Flex Rotary Polisher has angular gears to keep the noise from the machine to an absolute minimum. The flat head limits the surface resistance. The result is a polisher that can be operated safely and user-friendly in any position. The handles are ergonomically shaped and finished with softgrip material.

The FLEX PE 14-2-150 polisher can be operated accurately and is pleasant and safe to hold and use in any position. The pin lock is optimally placed so that no operating errors can be made. The polisher is partly covered with a protective softgrip layer of rubber for safe storage of the polisher. The FLEX PE-14-2-150 holds a 4-meter flexible cable.

Flex PE14 2150 variable speed rotary polisher with a high torque.
- Microprocessor electronics: infinate speed selection, tachogenerator-controlled constant speed, overload protection, re-start protection and temperature monitoring.
- 1400 watt motor with highly-efficient ventilator for optimum cooling.
- Continuous speed control trigger / accelerator: for a gentle soft-start (starting speed at setting 1 (380 rpm)) and a lock-on for continuous operation.
- Optimised air flow for optimum cooling of motor and gear. No uncomfortable exhaust air for the user.
- Innovative combination of planetary and angular gears reduces noise to the minimum.
- Flat gear head reduces distance to the surface. The machine can be operated safely in any position.
- Grip hood: ergonomically shaped with softgrip material. The machine can be controlled with precision and is always comfortable yet secure to hold.
- Spindle lock: It is ideally positioned to prevent operating error and does not interfere with the grip area.
- Rubberised resting bar on top for safe setting down.
- 4 metres PUR H05-BQF cable: wear-resistant, flexible and highly resistant to cuts and abrasions.

Technical Specifications:  
Backing Plate Diameter Max 150mm
Polishing Pad Diameter Max 210mm
Speed Without Load 600-2100 rpm
Power Input 10 Amp/1400 Watt
Power Output 800Watt
WEEE Number DE10180300
Tool Fixture M14 Thread
Length Of Unit 400mm
Height Of Unit 119mm
Weight Of Unit 2.5kg
Cord Length 4m
Warranty 1 Year

Please note, backing-plate is not included

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