CarCare24.eu - 442445, OEM original 125mm backing plate for Flex XFE Polisher.

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€29.95 €24.75

Why buy this product?
Perfect fitting.
Soft foam inner layer
that makes polishing
more comfortable.
Comes together with
adjustment bolts

About this Backing - Plate
Besides that both the Flex XFE Backing Plate are great Backing Plates we sometimes heard customers say that the 150mm may vibrate a bit more then they liked it to be. Instead of talking all tech which hardly anyone understands, here at chemicalguys.eu we like to keep things simple and true. This may be much vibration of the 150mm can easily be resolved by switching from the standard 150mm Flex XFE Backing Plate – Plate to the smaller 125mm Flex XFE Backing Plate. Fast, easy and durable, that’s how we like to get things done.

Of course if you like to have a second or third backing plate you can always get them from now on at chemicalguys.eu, moving fast, right to your door.

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