KRAUSS PAINT THICKNESS GAUGE KRAUSS 8801 FN - ACC_2008, Krauss 8801 FN Paint Thickness Gauge shows the paint thickness on the surface. For any metal surface like steel, iron, aluminum etc...

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Why Buy This Product?
Value for money. 
Easy to Use
Integrated FE (ferrous) and NFE (non-ferrous) probe. 
Battery Level Indicator. 
Auto-Off Function.
Memory - Function (10 Readings).
Flip Screen - Function 
3 Years Warranty.


About this product
The 8801-FN Paint Thickness Gauge shows precisely and within seconds the paint thickness on the surface to be measured. Whether a car is resprayed or repaired will be told with this tool. Suitable for any metal surface (Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, ...). This device automatically detects whether it is a magnetic (Ferous) or non - magnetic (Non - Ferrous) metal surface. The mirroring of 180 ° (Screen Flip - Function) allows an easy read of the measured value in each position. The meter is calibrated at the factory. Subsequent calibration can be supplied with the calibration / substrates. 

The 8801-FN Paint Thickness Gauge offers a large 2 Line Flip LCD - Display and automatically stores the last 10 measurements in a it's memory.

The 8801-FN Paint Thickness Gauge is an ideal tool for verifying the thickness of paint on new and pre-owned vehicles, making it easy to identify collision damage and refinish work in all types of weather conditions.

The 8801-FN Paint Thickness Gauge is suitable for Laboratory, Powder Coating Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Paint Suppliers, Steel and Aluminum Refinishing, Automobile Dealers, Auto Auctions, Body Shops, Auto Detailers or any company requiring a highly accurate measurement of the dry film coating thickness and can be used even in harsh field conditions.

What comes with the 8801-FN Paint Thickness Gauge
4 Calibration.
Two substrates (iron / aluminum).
A micro-battery 1.5 V (AAA) alkaline.

Technical Data
Range: 0-1000 micron(s).
Resolution: 1 micron.
Accuracy: ± (2 microns + 3% of reading).
Memory: 10 readings.
Power Supply: 1 x 1.5V AAA battery.
Weight: 72 gr.
Dimensions: 107 x 45 x 25 mm.

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