KWAZAR VENUS SUPER FOAMER - EQP_306, Kwazar Venus Super Foamer Spray Bottles are professional grade, adjustable, double-action sprayers.

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Why buy this product?
Chemical resistant pressure sprayer.
Brings the convenience of a pressure sprayer without the hassle of big machinery.
Ideal to use with Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam.
Equipped with a stabilizing “apron” to ensure it won’t be knocked over easily.
Large capacity of 2L.

About this product
Venus Super Foamer is designed for application foaming agents. It is used in car washes and garages for cleaning wheels, rims and engine compartments. The Kwazar Venus Super Foamer is a chemical resistant pressure washer used to apply a layer of foam, quick detail sprays, waterless wash products and more. The heavy duty design and large size (2L) makes it one of the most economical sprayers we have. The Kwazar Venus Super Foamer brings you the convenience of a pressure sprayer without the hassle of big machinery. Simply build pressure by pumping the handle, located on top of the bottle. Once the desired pressure is reached, press the trigger with your thumb and spray away!

When used with a foaming shampoo and water mixture, the Kwazar Venus Pro Super Foamer will give you foam similar to a visit in the carwash. When used with a quick detailer or waterless wash, you get an even and precisely applied layer. The Kwazar Venus Super Foamer Nozzle is adjustable, allowing you to control the stream of product from narrow to wide, depending on your usage.

2L - size easily holds enough product to wash a whole and detail all the tires. The Kwazar Venus Pro Super Foamer comes with a pressure release valve. The clear strip along the side of the bottle indicates how much product is left. On the bottom of the bottle you find a stabilizing apron which ensures it won’t be knocked over easily.

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