MENZERNA ES ENDLESS SHINE QUICK DETAILER 500ML - 990500, Menzerna ES Endless Shine Quick Detailer uses polymer and is the easiest way to restore your car to its former gloss and shine.

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Why buy this product
Protection and gloss refreshment.
Extended durability of the sealant.
Perfected water beading.
Leaves no traces on plastic.
Versatile in application: After washing, after polishing.
Antistatic effect.
Without the addition of waxes and fillers.

About this product
Menzerna Endless Shine Quick Detailing Spray is the easiest way to restore your car to its former gloss and shine. ES produces a brilliant gloss, removes minor dirt and water spots, and applies a protective film. It is suitable for use on all surfaces such as windows, tyres and coatings. Leaves no traces behind on plastic. Menzerna Endless Shine Quick Detail Spray is a product that merges the gap between detail spray and spray wax. This polymer intensive detail spray contains enough protective ingredients to be considered a spray wax, yet it still has the lubricity and cleaning ability of an easy-to-use detail spray. Use Menzerna Endless Shine Quick Detail Spray in between washes to remove light dust and dirt, or as a quick and easy way to boost the shine and slickness after washing your vehicle.


SKU 990500
Gloss 10-10
Use with By hand
Towels to be used Soft Microfiber towel
Content 500ml
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