MENZERNA POWER LOCK POLYMER SEALANT ULTIMATE PROTECTION 250ML - 990455, Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant removes streaks and holograms and forms a protective film that counteracts the adhesion of dirt.

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Why buy this product
Sealing technology of the latest generation.
Extremely long service life.
Maximum protection against environmental influences.
Premium beading behavior.
Protects the vehicle’s value.

About this product
Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection is the long lasting polymer coating sealant for all automotive clear coats. PLUP effectively seals the coating surface for long lasting preservation. Protects against damaging environmental influences while maintaining a brilliant deep gloss. Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant is Menzerna's first pure sealant that will give your paint a deep shine and ultimate protection. Exclusively manufactured in Germany using the highest quality polymers that upon curing tightly link together to form an invisible barrier against all kinds of contaminants. It will repel industrial fallout, road grime, brake dust, moisture, bugs, dirt, dust, etc. Menzerna Power Lock also offers an amazing shine that makes any color paint look amazing, with a deep rich gloss. The finish left behind is also extremely slick to the touch and extremely hydrophobic!


SKU 990455
Gloss 10-10
Use with Orbital Polisher or by hand
Pads to be used Soft Foam Pad
Content 250ml
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