Smart Dressing Mini - SAM_305, SmartDressing is a professional all purpose interior and exterior vinyl, rubber and plastic dressing.
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SmartDressing™ is a professional all-purpose interior/exterior vinyl, rubber and plastic dressing.

- Interior and exterior surfaces
- Non-greasy, dark, satin finish
- Prevents premature aging & maintains suppleness
- Conditions and rejuvenates color
- Premium coconut scent

There's no need to have a separate dressing for interior plastic and vinyl, another for bumpers and black trim, and yet another for your tires.  SmartDressing does it all!

SmartDressing provides solid protection and a deep, rich luster on all vinyl, colored plastic and rubber surfaces.  Use it on the interior to protect and dress your dashboard, console, door panels and door seals.  Use it on the exterior protect and dress bumpers, tires, window seals and vinyl tops.  Under the hood it protects and dresses all rubber hoses and plastic shrouding/cladding.

With regular use, SmartDressing's UV blockers prevent slow fade damage caused by exposure to the sun.  Rubber and vinyl conditioners keep surfaces supple and prevent cracking and premature aging.

Easy to use.  Simply wipe on and walk away.  If desired, wipe the finish dry for a low gloss, satin finish.  For more gloss, apply a second coat.  It's that easy!

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