Hello to all detailers, car care specialists, restylers and carlovers.

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A little history and insights on our company.

In October 2008 we have set our first steps as a side hustle to learn and apply paint protection films and wrapping vinyl (something we still do). After many attempts and practices we started in spring 2010 doing this professional and at this moment we saw that these films need a good polish and wax.

We like to test products and applications first, after many products at that time, we had our best results with the SmartPolish from SmartWax. We learned and started using more SmartWax products and short after that Chemical Guys products.

The method of testing products first never changed. By doing this with detailers, car care specialists and restylers we can relate to everyday detailing situations we all know. We treat other’s like we want to be treated. With this in mind we do what it takes to support detailers, car care specialists, restylers and carlovers. From finding the right polisher & pad combo for a sensitive paint to help testing the strongest solution for cleaning wheels, we do it all, in person, on site, in our detailing studio, by phone, email and whatsapp.

Today we are a team of 9 people specialized in detailing, training and distribution that are dedicated to help, find and build processes that work for you based on your desired type of use, product, tools, outcome and budget.

Feel free contacting our customer service for help and support on anything car care and detailing related.

Best regards,

Team CarCare24.eu

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