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  1. CHEMICAL GUYS THE BEST DETAILING KIT 8 ITEMS - HOL800, All your favorite products assembled into one package for an impeccable detail.

    Special Price €119.95 Regular Price €129.95
    Temporarily out of stock
  2. CHEMICAL GUYS THE BASICS TO CORRECTION & PERFECTION KIT 5 ITEMS - VIR751, Chemical Guys basics to correction and perfection kit, contains all supplies for paint correction and paint perfection in 1 kit.

  3. CHEMICAL GUYS THE HANDY CORRECT & SHINE KIT 12 ITEMS - VIR752, Chemical Guys The handy correct & shine is the ultimate kit to wash, polish and protect your vehicles paint.

  4. CHEMICAL GUYS - BEST SELLERS 16 OZ KIT (6 ITEMS) - TEMP_201 - This Best Sellers Kit has everything you need to keep your car looking great - inside and out. With the included JetSeal, you can keep that great shine for up to a year.

    Special Price €94.95 Regular Price €102.70
  5. CHEMICAL GUYS STARTER CAR CARE KIT (7 ITEMS) - HOL_124, Preferred by professionals, perfect for enthusiasts Starter Car Care Kit to get your detailing arsenal going.

    Special Price €94.95 Regular Price €99.95
  6. CHEMICAL GUYS CLEAR CUT PRECISION PAINT CORRECTION & SHINE KIT 15 ITEMS - VIR750, Clear Cut Precision Paint Correction and Shine kit contains everything to wash, polish, protect, shine and maintain your paint.


    The Detailer's Radiant Finish Kit is the perfect kit to achieve the most vibrant and radiant of finishes.

  8. HYBRID V7 & WHITE LIGHT DETAILER'S RADIANT FINISH KIT FOR WHITE AND LIGHT COLORS (5 ITEMS) - HOL808116, The Detailer's Radiant Finish Kit is the perfect kit for White and Light Colored Cars.

    Special Price €72.95 Regular Price €74.50
  9. CHEMICAL GUYS COMPLETE MATTE KIT WASH SPRAY DETAILER AND SEALANT PROTECTANT (3 ITEMS) - CWS_995, Meticulous Matte Auto Wash Gallon to clean all matte painted and vinyl wrapped surfaces.

    Special Price €72.95 Regular Price €81.85
  10. CHEMICAL GUYS BLACK PAINT MAINTENANCE KIT 6 ITEMS - HOL_201, A premium shine kit backed with everything you need to perfect and protect any black finish.

    Special Price €119.95 Regular Price €136.70
  11. CHEMICAL GUYS WHITE PAINT MAINTENANCE KIT - HOL202, the maintenance kit with the latest and most advanced car care and autodetailing products for white and light color paints.

  12. CHEMICAL GUYS 4 PLAY FOR EUR 44 DETAILING KIT 6 ITEMS - HOL_337, Chemical Guys 4 Play for EUR 44 for a quick clean up before car shows, big date nights or just for cleaning your car.

  13. CHEMICAL GUYS CONVERTIBLE TOP CLEANER AND CONVERTIBLE TOP PROTECTANT KIT - HOL_996, Convertible Top Cleaner and Convertible Top Protectant Kit is ideal to care for convertible fabric, soft, tops.

    Special Price €36.95 Regular Price €41.95
  14. CHEMICAL GUYS POLISHING PAD CLEANER & CONDITIONER COMBO (2 ITEMS) - BUF_340_KIT, Polishing & Buffing Pad Conditioner makes pads more receptive by opening the foam’s pores to improve, absorb and utilize polish, wax or glaze.

  15. CHEMICAL GUYS RUBBER AND VINYL FLOOR MAT CLEANING KIT (5 ITEMS) - HOL70016, Rubber and Vinyl Floor Mat Cleaning Kit cleans and restores rubber floor mats back to original condition.

    Special Price €39.95 Regular Price €42.95
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