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The CarCare24 – website had many products, accessories and tools available for all detailers, restylers and finishing professionals. To give you an easy overview on what’s popular we present you our Most Wanted Category. In the Most Wanted Category you can find items bought by many oprofessional detailers like cleaners, snow foam, car shampoo, polishes, polishers, sanding equipment, waxes, sealants, coatings, dressings, workshop setup, lifts, lightning, microfiber towels, applicators and many more…

If you have questions or ideas be sure to contact the Customer Service – Team by phone, mail, Whatsapp and chat. We are here to help!

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  1. KRAUSS S75 V2 MINI DA ORBITAL POLISHER - BUF_100.6.1_V2, The Krauss S75 Mini DA Orbital Polisher is a perfect compact polisher to work on small surfaces.

  2. CHEMICALGUYS.EU DECON LIGHT PRE CLEANER IRON REMOVER 500ML - SPI_400_500, DeCon Light is the ultimate cleaner and iron remover that removes particles, brakedust and corrosive deposits.

    Special Price €9.95 Regular Price €11.95
  3. OPTIMA STEAMER EST 18 - STEAMER_3 - The optima Steamer EST 18 is an 100% emission free electric steamer for jobs that require power such as car washing, truck washing etc ...

    In stock
  4. KRAUSS SHINEMASTER S15 DUAL ACTION POLISHER V2 - BUF_100.5_S15_V2, Krauss S15 Shinemaster Dual Action Polisher V2 is redesigned and more ergonomic than ever before.

    Special Price €189.95 Regular Price €199.95
  5. KRAUSS SHINEMASTER S08 DUAL ACTION ORBITAL POLISHER 8MM THROW V2 - BUF_100.4_S08_V2, Krauss Shinemaster S08 Dual Action Orbital Polisher 8mm throw is redesigned and more ergonomic than before.

    Special Price €169.95 Regular Price €179.95
  6. CHEMICALGUYS.EU DECON IPA ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL CLEANSING FLUID 1000 ML - SPI_401_1000, D-Con IPA Isopropyl Alcohol is a pre treatment for sealants, waxes and ceramic coatings.

    Special Price €14.95 Regular Price €17.95
  7. FLEX PE 14 2 150 ROTARY POLISHER - FLEX PE 14 2 150, Rotary polisher, motor is very quiet, speed range of 600-2100RPM, high torque ideal for scratch removal.

    Special Price €419.95 Regular Price €439.95
  8. SCANGRIP MINIMATCH PORTABLE WORK LIGHT TORCH HANDLAMP - 35650, ScanGrip Minimatch, rechargeable LED work light led torch hand lamp, High CRI LED, dust and water proof.

  9. TORNADOR BLACK CLEANING GUN Z-020RS - 601420, Tornador Black Cleaning Gun Z-020S cleans dirt from plastics, rubber, vinyl, and fabric.

  10. CHEMICALGUYS.EU D CON GLUE ADHESIVE LABEL REMOVER 500ML - SPI_401_500, D Con Glue and Label Remover removes glue labels safe from paint, glass and many more surfaces.

  11. CHEMICAL GUYS HYDROSLICK CERAMIC COATING HYPERWAX 473ML - WAC22916, Chemical Guys HyperWax combines the ease of a wax with the longevity, beading and shine of a ceramic.

    Special Price €57.95 Regular Price €59.95
  12. CHEMICAL GUYS WORKHORSE PREMIUM MICROFIBER TOWEL SIX PACK - MIC354X_6, Workhorse Microfiber Towels are color coded for different areas across your car

    Special Price €18.95 Regular Price €19.95
  13. Rimwax Jar - 10100, RimWax provides extreme shine and protection for all wheel finishes including chrome and alloy wheels.
  14. CHEMICALGUYS.EU FLUID WRITER PEN MEDIUM - 101800 - Fluid Writer Paint Pen is the professional tool for repairing stone chips in car paint.

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