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  1. RUPES BIGFOOT 15 MM LHR15 MKI MARK 1 ORBITAL POLISHER - LHR15ES, Rupes Bigfoot 15 mm Mark I Mark 1 Orbital Polisher scratch removal and detailing. BF15 15 mm throw for polishing accuracy.

    Special Price €329.95 Regular Price €339.95
    Temporarily out of stock
  2. RUPES DA MICROFIBER PAD ULTRA FINE WHITE 160MM - 9.MF160S, Rupes DA microfiber pad ultra fine white 160mm is a polishing pad to remove light imperfections from clear coat and paint.

    Special Price €24.95 Regular Price €26.95
  3. RUPES BIGFOOT 21 MM LHR21 III BAS MARK 3 MK III ORBITAL POLISHER BASIC KIT 8 ITEMS - LHR21III_BAS, Rupes Bigfoot 21 mm Mark 3 MK III Orbital Polisher scratch swirl removal and detailing. 21 mm throw for accurate polishing.

  4. RUPES UNO PROTECT POLISH AND SEALANT 250ML - 9.PROTECT250, Rupes Uno Protect is an all in one compound, polish and protectant and easily removes light paintwork defects.

    Special Price €18.95 Regular Price €19.95
  5. RUPES BIGFOOT HLR75 STB IBRID MINI POLISHER - HLR_75_STB, Rupes BigFoot HLR75 iBrid Mini Polisher is comfortable easy to use in many grip and hand positions.

  6. RUPES IBRID NANO LONG NECK MINI POLISHER - HR81M, Rupes Bigfoot Ibrid Nano Long Neck is a compact polisher to polish hard to reach areas.

    Special Price €449.95 Regular Price €479.95
  7. RUPES IBRID BATTERY CHARGER FOR IBRID MINI POLISHER - 9HC120LT, Rupes Ibrid battery charger is made to fit the Rupes BigFoot Nano Long or Short Neck Polisher’s unique battery pack system.

  8. RUPES IBRID BATTERY FOR IBRID MINI POLISHER - 9HB120LT, Rupes replacement battery for Ibrid Nano polisher, battery takes 20 – 25 minutes to charge and gives 30 minutes polishing time.

  9. RUPES BIGFOOT HLR 75 ORBITAL POLISHER BETA KIT 13 ITEMS - HLR_75_BETA, Rupes Bigfoot HLR 75 Beta kit is perfect for polishing on small surfaces such as handles and mirrors.

  10. RUPES IBRID NANO LONG NECK KIT DELUXE KIT IN SYSTAINER QMAG - HR81ML/BLX_QMAG, Rupes Bigfoot Ibrid Nano Long Neck small handheld polisher for hard to reach areas.

  11. RUPES SKORPIO E ELECTRIC ORBITAL SANDER RX253A - BUF_100.13, Rupes Skorpio E Electirc orbital sander with 3mm orbit designed for finishing applications that use grade P320 and higher abrasives.

  12. RUPES BIGFOOT 21 MM LHR21 III LUX MARK III MK3 ORBITAL POLISHER LUXE KIT - LHR21III_LUX, Rupes Bigfoot 21 mm Mark III MK3 Orbital Polisher for scratch removal detailing. Rupes Bigfoot BF21 21 mm throw delivers accuracy in polishing.

    Special Price €575.96 Regular Price €719.95
  13. RUPES UNO PURE GEL ABRASIVO ULTRA FINISHING POLISH 250ML - 9.PURE250, Rupes Uno Pure Gel abrasive finishing polish that gives the highest optical clarity and reflectivity.

    Special Price €16.95 Regular Price €17.95
  14. RUPES ELECTRONIC MODULE SPEED CONTROL ECM FOR RUPES BIGFOOT 15 MK2 MK3 - 400.383, Rupes electronic module speed control ECM, replacement for Rupes Bigfoot 15 MK2 MK3, perfect for when your speed control doesn't work anymore.

  15. RUPES DA FINE CUT POLISHING COMPOUND SWIRL HOLOGRAM REMOVAL 250ML - 9.DAFINE250, Rupes DA Fine Cut Compound is a fine polishing paste, designed for Rupes DA Fine Foam pad or other medium or soft pad.

    Special Price €16.95 Regular Price €19.95
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