MENZERNA MEDIUM CUT POLISH 2500 FOR MINOR PAINT DEFECT REMOVAL 250ML - 22828261001, Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 for minor paint defect removal is packed with a high concentration abrasives to level imperfections.


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Water-based, non silicone.
Low dusting, easy clean up.
Formulated for conventional clear coats.
Finishes with a deep, wet gloss.

About this product
Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 contains Menzerna’s uniform, finely milled abrasives. The polish is packed with a high concentration of abrasives to level imperfections effectively without marring. Therefore, you can achieve a high gloss shine in fewer steps… and with fewer polishes!

Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 is a silicone free and low dusting polish. It is body shop safe and easy to clean up. Just like all Menzerna polishes, Power Finish should be applied with a polisher for best results. We recommend using a clean polishing pad.

Offers an optimum combination with the removal of sanding marks (P2000) and gloss production on automotive clear coats.

Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2500 one polish designed to produce a fantastic gloss in less time than a two step polish process. Designed for the OEM market, Power Finish delivers a superb shine with a cutting ability approaching Super Intensive Polish. Eliminate imperfections and rev up the gloss in just one step!


SKU 22828261001
Cut / Gloss 5-7
Use with rotary polisher, orbital polisher
Used Pads Cutting Wool Pad, Heavy Cut Foam Pad
Content 250ml


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