MENZERNA POWER FINISH PF2200 HIGH PERFORMANCE POLISH 1000ML - 22771261001, Menzerna Power Finish PF2200 a high performance polish that removes grinding points up to 2500 grit and produces a very good gloss

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Low dust development.
Good wiping behavior.
Good polishing effect.
Suitable for scratch-resistant paints (ceramic coatings).
Removes swirls and holograms on dark / black paints.

About this product
Menzerna Power Finish PF2200 is a highly effective polishing paste based on aluminum oxide for processing on OEM paints but also on re - paints it is ideally suited. It removes grinding points up to 2500 grit and produces a very good gloss in one operation. The PF2200 has been developed for scratch-resistant modern ceramic paints. The signs of use such as "scratches" or other paint defects are removed perfectly without trace.

This polish makes in most cases a further processing with other sanding polishes "superfluous" because this product has very good strong polishes properties and produces a good gloss finish. For the perfect mirror finish, we advise the super Finish SF 3800. The PF2200 is made for rotary polishing machines. It also works with slight losses in terms of polishing effect with an orbital polisher. Subsequent waxing or sealing is recommended to protect the shine. The PF 2200 is a little bit sharper than the PF2500 from Menzerna.


SKU 22771261001
Cut / Gloss 4-6
Use with rotary polisher, orbital polisher
Used Pads Cutting Wool Pad, Medium Cut Foam Pad
Content 1000ml


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