CHEMICAL GUYS CARAMEL CLEANING DISC XL - ACC_XX7_XL, the Caramel Cleaning Disc XL removes any kind of sticker or carwrap safe and efficient.

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Looking for a great way to remove large and / or many stickers, tapes, vinyl etc... fast and safe from your paint?
Check these NEW-generation Caramel Cleaning Discs XL which make this kind of job more efficient and easy to do.
The Caramel Cleaning Disc XL performs +- 3 x faster than the regular Caramel Cleaning Disc.

Caramel Rubber Cleaning Discs are around for a long time, in this time these were known by the powerful removal of any kind of sticker etc... but as well because the durability wasn't all that...  These NEW-Generation Caramel brings a lot better performance on durability and longevity because these are partly formulated with natural rubber resources.

The Caramel Cleaning Disc XL is very gentle on paint yet powerful enough to get grip on the topped vinyl-layer. With a rotating equipment like a drill etc... you can easily remove the vinyl / sticker / tape / glue etc... from the painted surface without damaging it. It performes out heatguns etc... by far, and a lot faster too.

Specs etc...
Apply it on a 2000 - 4000 RPM and off you go.
Diameter of the Caramel Cleaning Disc is 100mm, the thickness is 26mm
Due to the "open" profile this XL Disc creates less heat and performs with more longevity.

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