CHEMICAL GUYS CLAY ERASER DISC BLUE (FINE) 6 INCH (152MM) - CLY_511, Clay Eraser Disc is a synthetic auto clay bar system with synthetic clay to remove rough contamination.

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Why Buy This Product?

Makes surfaces smooth as glass.
Easily removes surface contamination from paintwork, glass, and metal.
Faster alternative to the clay bar.
Designed for surfaces with lightcontamination.
Removes embedded contaminants, pollution, industrial fallout, and light water spots in seconds.
Exclusive Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions increase disc surface area and effect.
Attaches to your favorite dual action polisher for the fastest cleaning results.
Works on any paint color.
If dropped on the floor, simply rinse and wipe clean.



About Clay Eraser Disc, Fine

Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Disc is the next-generation synthetic auto clay bar system. The Clay Eraser uses synthetic clay material to remove rough contamination from the surface of any vehicle. The textured Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions increase surface area of the Clay Eraser and quadruple the decontamination effect of each rotation. Use Clay Eraser to remove embedded contaminants, pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, and overspray for a smooth-as-glass feel on your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. Clay Eraser works on paintwork, headlights, windows, wheels, exhaust systems, and painted plastic surfaces all around your vehicle. The unique Clay Eraser disc attaches to your favorite dual action polisher, or onto the additional foam interface pad with included hand strap, for fast and effective cleaning across even the most heavily contaminated vehicles. Clay bar decontamination is a critical step for next-level detailing, and Clay Eraser cuts surface prep time by more than half.


Hex-Logic Geo Impressions

Utilizing Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions, Chemical Guys developed a Clay Disc that delivers superior efficiency and speed combined with the most innovative design. Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions enables the user to cover larger surface areas faster, easier, safer and more efficiently than ever. Hex-Logic Geo-Impressions increase surface area of the Clay Eraser and quadruple the decontamination effect of each swipe. The Hex-Logic elastic hexagon shapes help lift tiny micro-particles and contaminants away from the surface. The Hex-logic shape encloses the largest possible area while wasting no space in between them. Therefore the Clay Eraser Disc is able to capture tiny particles and contaminants in the surface area that a traditional flat surface would have not. The concept of Hex-Logic derived from the engineering involved with our Hex-Logic pads. Similar to the benefits that Bees have known when creating honeycombs in a hexagon shape, the Hex-Logic Geo Impressions in the Clay Eraser Disc confirm that not only does the hexagon shape enclose the largest possible area, but the hexagon structure also provides a strong design to tackle the smallest or even the largest contaminants on any surface. 


Easy to Use with Your Dual Action Polisher

Using Clay Eraser is easy. Simply apply a generous amount of Chemical Guys Luber to the surface, attach the Clay Eraser Disc to your favorite dual action polisher, turn the machine to a low speed, and gently glide the Clay Eraser Disc over painted surfaces, glass, wheels, and headlights. Wipe away the residue with a microfiber towel for a perfectly clean vehicle. Decontaminating any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV can take just a few minutes, and feel smooth-as-glass with Chemical Guys Clay Eraser. We developed the revolutionary Clay Eraser to be fast and easy to use. Traditional detailing clay can be difficult to handle, hard to keep clean, and must be thrown away when dropped. Clay Eraser is made with advanced plasticized material, and can quickly be cleaned with warm water if dropped on the ground. Clay Eraser uses multiple grades of clay to quickly cleanse embedded contaminants from the surface. Contaminants like overspray, road tar, brake dust, and industrial fallout can make your paint to feel rough, appear dull, and oxidize over time. Clay Eraser cleanses and restores your vehicle’s finish to a smooth-as-glass feel and unlocks its natural lustrous shine. 


Different Cars Need Different Attention

Chemical Guys Fine Clay Eraser is designed for new vehicles with very light contamination. The Fine Clay Eraser removes embedded contaminants, pollution, road grime, and overspray from new and well-maintained vehicles. Clay Eraser is the perfect paintwork cleansing tool to decontaminate your paint before thorough polishing, or applying your favorite wax or sealant. Claying your vehicle has never been this quick and easy.
Chemical Guys Clay Eraser utilizes multiple grades of rubberized synthetic detailing clay to cleanse paintwork for perfect results on any vehicle with any level of contamination. Use Super Fine Clay Eraser on new cars with very light contamination. Use Medium Clay Eraser on vehicles that sit outside without a garage and have not been clayed in several years. Use Heavy Clay Eraser on cars that have never been clayed and have heavy contamination built up on the paint. 


Durable And Long Lasting

Traditional automotive clay bars come in 100 gram blocks, and each block can decontaminate approximately 10 full sized cars. The new Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Disc is designed to last and fully-decontaminate up to 50 full sized cars. Traditional detailing clay must be thrown away if dropped on the ground, while the Clay Eraser can simply be rinsed clean and wiped off. This makes the Clay Eraser more economical and practical than traditional clay bars. 

Easy To Maintain

Traditional detailing clay has limitations: the mere act of dropping traditional detailing clay embeds it full of grains of abrasive dirt that scratches paint when rubbed across the car. If dropped on the ground, simply rinse Clay Eraser with warm water and wipe with a clean microfiber towel to remove any dirt or debris. Once cleaned, Clay Eraser is ready for action. Chemical Guys Clay Eraser was designed to be the easiest way to decontaminate any surface on your vehicle. It’s so easy to use that anyone can clay a car, truck, motorcycle, or RV in a matter of minutes. Chemical Guys Clay Eraser is truly is the easiest way to clay your vehicle. 


Ultimate Versatility

The Chemical Guys Clay Eraser decontamination system is the most versatile synthetic clay bar technology on the market. Use the Clay Eraser Disc on your favorite dual action polisher. The gentle decontaminating action of the Clay Eraser combined with the power of the machine makes short work of any level of contamination on any vehicle. To tackle large vehicles without a dual action polishing machine, simply attach the Clay Eraser Disc to the additional foam interface pad, strap on the hand strap, and quickly decontaminate any vehicle in mere minutes. For light to medium contaminated areas, or for smaller vehicles, use the ergonomic, low-profile Clay Eraser disc for tight spaces such as wheels and bumpers and large and contoured body panels alike.

Note: This is a Surface Cleaning System. It is designed for vehicles with light contaminants. To achieve a flawless finish on paint areas that were contaminated and cleaned; when you are finished cleaning the surface using Clay Eraser System, Chemical Guys recommends following up with a fine polish like the V-Line Polishes or VSS and a polishing pad on your dual action Torq polisher or a polisher of your choice. For best results and extended protection follow perfected paint with JetSeal Paint Sealant, SS6 Paint protection Coating or Carbon Flex Paint Protection Coating. 

How To Use:

  1. Wash entire vehicle thoroughly.
  2. Make sure surface is clean and large particles are rinsed away.
  3. Work in 2’ x 2’ areas for faster results.
  4. Spray a liberal amount of Chemical Guys Clay Luber on the work area.
  5. Attach the Clay Eraser Disc to your favorite dual action polisher.
  6. Set the machine to the lowest speed setting, and gently glide it over the work area while adding no pressure down onto the machine.
  7. Continue to add lubrication and scrub the area until the sound and feel of the grit dissipates.
  8. Wipe away Clay Luber residue, check for satisfactory smoothness, then move on to the next area.
  9. Frequently check the surface of the Clay Eraser for any large particulate matter, and simply wipe clean as needed.
  10. Wipe the Clay Eraser clean if it is dropped on the floor.
  11. Decontaminate all paintwork, glass, and metal surfaces across the entire exterior of the vehicle. Always follow up a clay bar type service with a Chemical Guys sealant or wax, like JetSeal or Butter Wet Wax. 
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