CHEMICAL GUYS TOUGH MUDDER OFF ROAD ATV SOAP 473ML - CWS20216, Tough Mudder Off Road ATV Soap is the car wash shampoo for extreme off roading enthusiasts.

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Surface-Release additives repel future muddirt, and filth for easier cleaning.
Perfect for dirt bikes, quad bikes, mudder trucks, ATVs, and dune buggies.
Safe for use on paintwork, glassmetalplastic, engines, and undercarriage parts.
Versatile formula works in  bucket washfoam gun, and high pressure foam cannon.
pH-balanced formula does not strip wax or sealant coatings.
Also available in gallon size.

About this product
Chemical Guys Tough Mudder Off Road ATV Soap is the car wash  shampoo for extreme off roading enthusiasts. Thrashing through the bush, flying over jumps, and plowing through mud and sand is tons of fun, but the filthy machine sitting in the driveway is an eyesore! Wash any mud, dirt, and filth from your beloved ATV, quad bike, dirt bike, adventure bike, mudder truck, 4 x 4, and dune buggy with the easy-to-use Tough Mudder Soap. The versatile formula works great in any bucket wash, or with a pressure washer and foam cannon for added cleaning power. Spray Tough Mudder Soap over dried mud and dirt, then watch it all slide right off the paintwork, glass, wheels, engine bays, and undercarriage parts. The thick soap clings hard to abrasive dirt and sand, releases it from the surface, and surround it with slick lubricants to help prevent swirls and scratches with every wipe of the wash mitt. Use the two-bucket car wash method to prevent swirls and scratches on any paintwork at every wash. Specialty surface release additives make it harder for fresh dirt and mud to stick to the washed surface. Clean your off road vehicle after a ride, and make it even easier to clean next time with Tough Mudder Off Road ATV Soap.

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Part Number  CWS20216
Size  16 ounces / 473ml
Top  Flip cap 
Dilution  N/A
Scent  N/A
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