CHEMICAL GUYS KORE PASTE WAX R4 LIGHT - WAC_KORE_LIGHT, Kore Paste Wax R4 Light achieves visual excellence. 100% hand crafted highest quality Paste Wax in the most innovative and advanced storage canister.

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KORE-PASTE WAX R4 - Redesign-Reinvent-Revolutionize the art of CAR CARE 

It starts with a desire to achieve visual excellence100% hand crafted perfection
The highest quality Paste Wax paint has ever seen housed in the most innovative and 
scientifically advanced storage canister ever.

One solid block of the highest grade Aerospace yreated Aluminum draftedengineereddesigned and built 100% in the USA to house the rarest and finest of Paste Waxes. Even down to the Aerospace grade pre-treated stainless steal screws that hold it together is hand crafted in the USA.

Chemical Guys KORE Paste Wax canister is the first storage unit of its kind utilized in the car care industry. A solid brick of 7000 Series Aerospace Aluminum, the highest strength series of aluminum alloys for aircraft applications and is pre-tempering coated to resist temperatures between 500° to 650° C. for a period exceeding 24 hours.

Each KORE Unit is assembled in airtight environment and sealed the minute it is poured to assure freshness. KORE paste is as fresh when you open it as the minute it was poured
The specially designed canister utilizes a unique VAC-SEAL system, a four screw tighten and seal system that creates an ideal vacuum inside the canister when the screws on the top of the canister are tightened. This seal in the first of its kind, designed to preserve and maintain an ideal climate for the Paste Wax

The Making of KORE - Natural and developed only from organic premium ingredients.  
Highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market using natural enzymes and premium seasonal waxes from around the world with zero additives fillers of abrasive chemicals.

KORE is nature perfected. In order to make the best product you often have to analyze the core ingredients used to achieve the desired results. Developed from the most refined natural tropical oil extracts and utilizing the hardest and most durable protective agents nature can produce. Combined with natural enzymes, it delivers a natural Paste Wax unlike anything you have ever seen or smelled before 100% naturally.

- KORE LIGHT – Silver Naturally Coated Aluminum Canister– for light colored paints and metallics 

KORE - Nature refined to excellence...

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