KRAUSS S75 BACKING PLATE 3" 75MM - BUF_S75_BP_75 - Professional grade molded urethane backing - plate. The best 3” Backing plate with M6 thread for your Krauss S75 Mini Polisher.

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KRAUSS Quality
Perfect fitting
Sturdy foam inner – layer
That makes polishing more comfortable

About this product
Here's the 75mm KRAUSS S75 Mini Polisher Backing - Plate. An extra might come in easy if you like to switch backing - plates for various reasons like working with one for sanding, one for scratch removal, and one for finishing. We heard customers that this kind of "small gear" wasn't available easily. We always take this as a challenge and try as well as we can to get our hands on it and offer it to our customers. Fast, easy and durable, that’s how we like to get things done.
Of course if you like to have a second or third backing – plate you can always get them from now on at, moving fast, right to your door.

Working with your favorite buffer of polisher should be like fitting your ideal sneaker.
It should be ideally follow all the directions and movements your mind and hands want it to go as smooth, gently and most comfortable as possible...
In this line of Autodetailing-work we all see many paints, many shapes of body panels, many kinds of oxidation and many kinds of paint defects which often are solved with the correct choice of machine, pad, polish etc.

To make this machine ride as effective, smooth and fast as possible choosing the correct backing-plate is a lot of times a topic that can be overseen, just because we don't think "outside of the box" that easily to create the ideal "the total drive" and take the "standard package" as it is.

Diameter 3 Inch / 75mm
Material Sturdy Foam
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