MENZERNA HEAVY CUT COMPOUND 400 GREEN LINE VOC FREE 250ML - 22200281001, Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 Green line a highly effective voc-free polish for sanding marks removal and gloss finish.


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Extremely high abrasion.
Extremely fast removal of sanding marks.
High-gloss Finish.
No dust formation.
VOC-free in according with DIN EN ISO 11890-2.
Free from unpleasant solvents.
Easy to handle.
Silicone free.

About this product
VOC-free* Abrasive Polishes: Healthy and pleasant working, without hazardous solvents. VOC-free* abrasive polishes by Menzerna meet the stringent criteria of DIN EN ISO 11890-2, as they contain no aggressive, highly volatile solvents. It is precisely these solvents that are responsible for the maximum abrasive effect of the polish in commercially available abrasive polishes.

The innovative cut compound for automotive clear coats leaves a dazzling impression everywhere. Gets sanding marks out of the way in record time- without aggressive, volatile solvents. Works into the finish range without any unpleasant odors thanks to the latest polishing technologies with diminishing abrasives. Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 contains even ultra-fine abrasive so can now remove sanding marks up to 1200 grit whilst at the same time producing exceptional levels of gloss. We have found this to be a truly exceptional product when used by either Orbital or Rotary polisher, quickly removing swirls and scratches even on tough paints leaving a truly exceptional level of gloss for such a correction compound.


SKU 22200281001
Cut / Gloss 8-8
Use with Rotary Polisher, Orbital Polisher
Used Pads Cutting Wool Pad, Heavy Cut Foam Pad
Content 250ml
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