SHINY GARAGE WET PROTECTOR 500ML - 13.20500, Wet Protector is a real innovative product. It helps you to make your cars exterior hydrophobic (water repellant).

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Why buy this product
Very good value for money.
Hydrophobic capeabilities in a spray bottle.
Gloss enhancer.
Easy on easy off.

About this product
Wet Protector is a real innovative product. It helps you to make your cars interior hydrophobic (water repellant). After washing you rinse your car to have all suds off the paint, You leave your paint wet and spray on the Wet Protector. The active ingredients get activated with water and you see while spraying that the waterfilm on the surface thends to roll away (which is what we want). After you completely sprayed a panel you rinse it off with the high pressure washer and see that the panel is extremely hydrophobic (water repellant). We see Wet Protector as an additional finish on sealant and coatings that help boost the hydrophobic capeabilities to length the durability and add slickness to the layers of sealant and or coating.

Wet Protector offers a very good value for money, a good quality product that does what it says, smells fresh and is easy to use for anyone.


Available quantities 500ml
SKU(‘s)  1.320.500
Type product Water Repellancy Booster
Dilution / Mix Ratio Ready to use
Scent No
Expected durability Ca 4 weeks
Color Transparent
Gloss enhancer Yes
Foam No
Safe for wax / sealant / coating Yes
PH Neutral Yes
Safe on light colors Yes
Safe on dark colors Yes
Extra 1 Spray on wet surface
Extra 2 Rinse off wit high pressure washer
Extra 3 Work out of direct sunlight on a cool and dry surface
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